Digital Smile Design & Artificial Intelligence in Cleveland, OH

Digital Smile Design and AI, 3D FaceScan, RayFace, and Intraoral Scan Technologies at Oral Design – Cleveland Smile Studio

“Smile Beauty is the perception of Harmonious Facial-Flow”

Dr. Heimke starts the Digital Smile Design (DSD) process with AI based 3D-facial scans called RAYface to create a 3D virtual patient. Then an intraoral scan of the teeth and bite is taken and meshed with a 2D-Digital Smile Design. In the case an implant is needed, a Cone Beam CT is added to the process. This detailed 3D virtual patient data is then sent to the lab where the 3D Design is made via Exocad software. 3D prototypes are then printed and tested in the patient’s smile and fine-tuned by Dr. Heimke. Copies by the Oral Design master  Dental Technician to result in the porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, or Full  Arch Implant Hybrid bridges. 

The DSD Concept 2D/3D is the portal to Digital Dentistry and Digital Workflow. It utilizes Facial Aesthetics as a starting point and ends with a  smile designed into a 3D form by Dr. Heimke’s Oral Design Labs Master Ceramists.

Digital Smile Design was developed by Dr. Christian Coachman in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Heimke is an Oral Design dentist with a DSD mastership and 135 members world-wide including: 6 dentists, 129 Master Ceramists. He lectures nationally and internationally to dentists, specialists, dental technicians, and dental staffs/teams. Topics he covers in his lectures include: DSD, Oral Design, Smile Design, Treatment Planning, Emotional Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers, Smile makeovers, Dental Implants, All on 4, Full Arch Implants and FMR-Full Mouth Rehabilitation. 

DSD Protocol, Digital Workflows and Integration – DSD protocol is special in that it fosters true “Team Synergy” between the restorative dentist, laboratory technicians, and the specialist. This results in more predictable treatment outcomes from simple Smile Cases to Full Mouth Rehabilitations involving everything from natural teeth to dental implants. 

Dr. John Heimke DMD is known in the Cleveland area for use of Facial  Aesthetics in Designing Smiles for clients with natural teeth using the DSD protocol. This includes services such as: Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Dental Implants, or Cosmetic Dentures. Utilizing a powerful Digital Smile Design software, DSDApp, Dr. Heimke can custom design a Smile in real-time for his clients to see the “possibilities” of the New Smile and communicate this Smile Design directly with his dental laboratory and Ceramist. Digital Smile Design is a highly customized Smile Design process geared specifically to You. 

One of dentistry’s most challenging dilemmas relates to whether or not a Dentist will be able to more closely meet the client/patient’s treatment goals and expectations. Also, to more accurately carry the Smile Design from the  beginning to the end of treatment. This is what DSD is thriving to achieve – more accurate communication between Dr. Heimke’s Oral Design-Cleveland Center, his Oral Design Laboratories, and you as a client/patient. Dr. John Heimke uses a uniquely designed DSDApp so that he can accurately digitally analyze your cosmetic concerns for your treatment plan. This allows him to discover issues that have not been noticed prior to DSD evaluation and they will be able to be discussed and treated more accurately. 

Additionally, this 2D-DSD Design process will allow you to visualize a possible final result on the screen at your consultation. An optional, fee-based 3D-DSDMock-Up” Smile can allow you to visualize the possible smile on your own teeth if desired before any treatment is done to give you a more accurate understanding as to what your treatment could include. 

This also allows you the opportunity to communicate ideas and wishes you  have prior to your treatment. Being able to see the possible final result from a modified photo of your smile and compare it to what it looks like prior to the treatment not only improves the communication between you and Dr. Heimke, but also saves you on cost and time. 

The Aging Smile is a challenge to Dentistry that we are dealing with on a daily basis. The advent of digital technologies has permitted dentists to create Smiles with wonderful Aesthetics, Strength and Longevity in areas  such as: ceramics, Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, and Dental implants. Services such as Full-arch Screwed-on Implant Bridge and All-on-4,5 can provide patients with a new smile, often on the same day. Process starts with placing implants and ultimately results in a strong beautiful Smile that is resistant to chipping and breakage due to monolithic zirconia dental implant hybrid bridge/denture that is screw retained and does not come out. 

Digital Smile Designing 2D allows the client and Dr. Heimke to fine tune a smile on individual teeth, all in real time. According to Dr. Heimke “I am able to take the Digital Smile Design|Oral Design concepts I have in my  brain and translate them to a virtual digital model for the  client, the lab and myself immediately and create length,  shape and contours we can visualize. Leading to an  even more Natural result.

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