Prettau Dental Bridges in Cleveland, OH

prettau bridge with dental implants

Acrylic hybrid bridges can chip, wear, stain, or have catastrophic debonding as shown above.

The Prettau Bridge ends these problems. Your deserve this!

There is no acrylic, and it does not have a metal supporting sub-structure. This is made of Prettau Zirconia with optionally some porcelain layered in the non functional esthetic areas, and a titanium interface. No chipping, totally customized shapes and shades, less plaque attraction, better hygiene. No compromises.

There is not a metal bar inside the prosthesis and the tooth structure itself adds strength to the prosthesis unlike a Hybrid bridge. A Hybrid bridge needs additional prosthetic space so the acrylic doesn’t break. This is one of many differences between The Prettau zirconia bridge and a Hybrid bridge with regards to meeting a prosthetic solutions comparison.

The Prettau™ Zirconia Implant Bridge revolutionizes dental prosthetics. This CAD CAM milled and designed screw retained dental implant bridge is created out of Zirkonzahn’s Prettau Zirconia, No acrylic, no chipping, no staining.

“We are very excited to provide the Prettau Bridge says Dr. Heimke. Previous screw retained acrylic Hybrid prosthetics, often chipped , wore down, and stained over time. The Prettau is as permanent as it gets because of the solid Prettau Zirconia it is made of”

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